Australian Potash recognises that we have a role to play in contributing to global sustainable development. We are committed to conducting our business responsibly so that our people are safe and well supported, local communities benefit from our presence and we demonstrate strong environmental stewardship.

Our People

Continuous cycle to safeguard the health, safety and well-being of our people

  • Plan, Do, Check, Act culture
  • ISO45001 Principles developed into OH&S Framework
  • Diversification Targets
  • Employee Assistance Program


Commitment to sustainable production and environmental performance

  • Environmentally sustainable production and minimal footprint
  • Efficient Brine solar-salt production 
  • Low carbon emissions from high penetration renewable power solution
  • Organic certifiable product supporting sustainable agriculture for global food supply


Commitment to building stronger communities

  • Contracts supporting regional economies and strengthening local relationships
  • Indigenous and local employment commitments
  • Commitment to local training 
  • Social Investments in local Education
  • Contribute to state royalties and federal income taxes


Focused Corporate culture of ethics and integrity

  • Highly experienced board strongly aligned to ASX Corporate Governance principles
  • Independent Chair
  • Rigorous ESG and risk management oversight practices
  • External and internal audits