Why Invest?

We're excited about our Lake Wells Sulphate of Project because the fundamentals are so strong. Technically it is compelling. Using the sun and the wind, with high-penetration renewable power, Australian Potash are going to produce organically certified, environmentally sustainable green Sulphate of Potash that will go to the world’s most productive and high-value markets. Our tier 1 distribution partners across the globe will supply K-Brite into the horticultural and agricultural sectors responsible for feeding more than half the world’s population: China, Europe, North America, Asia and Australian/New Zealand. Our project financials indicate a substantial net present value, supported with a very robust healthy margin on the product. 

Logistics and Power

Overall, the logistics are simplified because of Lake Wells proximity to existing infrastructure and a direct connection to ports. SOP is a bulk product, and it needs cost-effective transportation. In terms of power, we will truck in liquified natural gas (LNG), while continuing to assess opportunities for hybrid wind and solar power supply, taking advantage of the cost-effectiveness of our natural resources.

Supply and Demand Market Story

The supply and demand story of SOP is excellent for us as a producer. SOP is a supply-constrained commodity, meaning there is more demand than supply, and there simply aren't enough good deposits in the world to meet that increasing demand. Globally, the 30-year outlook is that SOP demand will increase at a rate averaging 4-6% growth per year. SOP is a good, substantial, long term investment with prices seeing a steady upward trajectory. SOP is the premier potash investment - all of the world's SOP projects are selling 100% of their output.