Our Values

We value relationships, which is why we put in a lot of time working with stakeholders, whether it be our future offtake partners, farmers, universities, contractors, technical professionals or investors.

We believe in inclusion. We understand that we don't have all the answers, so we bring in people with the knowledge that's required. We don't micro-manage, we let them do their work.

We sincerely believe in our product because it is both vital and beneficial. Our Managing Director was born and bred in WA's Wheatbelt and his passion for rural areas has spread across the company.

That is why we've put time and effort into working with WA farmers rather than just selling all of our future products overseas. We believe Australian farmers should get SOP at an affordable price, and they should get SOP now, rather than later. 

It is also why we are communicating regularly with the Shire of Laverton to make a positive difference by developing infrastructure, supplying services and jobs for the community.

WA Farmers